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9/23/2010West Plains, MO Antique Tractor Preservation Day
Missouri's Governor Jay Nixon has proclaimed September 23 to be Antique Tractor Preservation Day in Missouri. Finding no fault with the Governor's decision we await further details.
10/29 - 11/7/2010Hilton Head, SC Hilton Head Island Concours d'Elegance and Motoring Festival
This years festival includes a "Life on the Farm" exhibit showcasing tractors and other vehicles that shaped American agriculture.
According to organizers, "Life on the Farm is an integral part of our un-judged "Motoring Midway" event and we are excited to have Porsche-Diesel's involvement."
This event looks like an excellent excuse to shine-up your 356-AG model and show it off.
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4/30 - 5/1/2010Oregon House, CA Vintage Tractor Days
51 weeks a year Rod and Karen Hisken host "horse camp" at Eventful Acres in the beautiful Northern California "Gold Country". Groups of equine enthusiasts can come to ride, train, and even camp with their horses. On the one remaining weekend Rod offers those of us who prefer riding something with more than one horsepower "tractor camp". This is a family-oriented event which includes two days of tractor and kid's games, group meals, and outdoor fun with proceeds benefitting the Dobbins/Oregon House Community Center. The focus of the weekend is not just to show off your tractor but to actually drive and have fun with it.
A good description of the 2009 event is here.
You can also view narrated videos of the 2009 event on YouTube (the rain shown was quite unusual).
Details for the 2011 even will be forthcoming after the New Year and should be available through the DOHIF site. Interested parties should sign-up with Sandy (the event coordinator) at 530-692-0705.